A Little Update…

Hello!  This term has been especially crazy for Sonata Problem as we learned to adjust to longer rehearsals, a larger group, and a heavier workload.  However, we are so excited with how the term went and know that our hard work will pay off!  Success is so much sweeter when it’s backed by hard work.  A few fun things that happened in SP this term…

  1. We expanded our group!  With the graduation of three senior members last year, the leadership team decided that our group would work best if we acquired some sound to add to the current group!  After a long night of auditions and tough deliberations, we chose six incredible musicians to add to SP.  We didn’t know what we were missing in terms of sound, but as soon as the FreshBabies sang with us for the first time, Sonata Problem sounded complete.  We are SO thrilled with the way the group is progressing and can’t wait to take it to new levels.14390902_974461096014142_8273994468917370971_n
    • From left to right: Amanda, Anthony, Abby, Marc, Deanna, Nathan
  2. We learned what it was like to have longer rehearsals during the week!  Terms at North Central can be especially taxing so adapting to longer rehearsals was challenging at first, but they also give us a nice break throughout the week from the stress that we experience from classes and work.  Being able to sing for twice as long during the week with some of our best friends is an incredible thing 🙂
  3. We had the opportunity to work with a friend who we met through a performance opportunity we had last year, Trent Snyder, former president of the NIU Huskie Hunks.  When we were preparing for our ICCA audition, Trent came and rehearsed with us for a week and not only provided his input on our performance, but gave us insight into how the competition works.  Since SP is still a newer group, his assistance was so helpful and we are thankful that we’ve been able to meet and work with many wonderful people that we met through the a cappella world!img_0075
  4. We also had amazing performance opportunities this term.  One of our very favorite gigs that we performed at was through St. Raphael school.  We were contacted and asked to perform two sets of music at the Gatsby Gala they were holding to benefit families and kids that attend the parish and grade school.  Not only did we love dressing on the fancier side, but the coordinators of the Gala did a beautiful job putting on an event to benefit the kids and were lovely hosts.  We are so thankful to have been given that opportunity!img_0691img_0697
    • If you hadn’t already figured out, we love selfie sticks and fierce pics 🙂
  5. Perhaps the thing we are most excited about that happened during Fall Term is that we were chosen to perform in the Varsity Vocals ICCA competition!!!  The Quarterfinal that we are competing at is on February 11 at DeKalb Highschool.  {Here is the link to purchase tickets to see us perform :)}  When we found out we were accepted to compete, no one could wipe the silly grins off of our faces!

We have experienced incredible highs this term, and we are all so grateful for the continuous support that we’ve received as Sonata Problem has continued to grow.  We truly believe that we are on such a huge rise, but we would be nowhere without the support of each and every one of our family members, friends, classmates, coworkers, and those who listen to us and support us both through social media and at our concerts.  We LOVE you!!!

Much love,

Sonata Problem

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