The Road to ICCA

Officially T-2 DAYS until we take the stage in Dekalb for our ICCA Quarterfinal.  We are so, so, so, so, SO excited (can you tell??) to be able to show off what we’ve been working so hard for all year.  Hours of rehearsal have gone into talking about what to expect, what our set should be, what to wear, and what our goals for this first competition are, both personally and collectively as SP.  While it has not been an easy road, it is proving to be worth it a hundredfold.

A big task that we took on this year was that of becoming an official North Central College Student Organization.  While it doesn’t sound daunting at first, once we looked past surface level we realized that there were hundreds of forms to fill out and meetings to attend.  Every member of SP (even the FreshBabies) stepped up to the plate and brought their focus and energy to each and every rehearsal and there is no way we would be where we are without that dedication, on top of securing everything for the Office of Student Involvement, planning gigs, staying on top of school, and learning to bond as more than a group, but as a family.  We have said time and time again that our sound would not be complete without each and every member of the group, and we are so thrilled to be where we are at this point.

At our rehearsal on Tuesday, Tony Benda (see previous post for a little info on our rehearsal sesh with him!) sat us down and asked us why we sing.  For a question that is so simple in nature, we had to collectively sit for a moment and think about the gravity of the question.  Individually, we had members share that they sing to communicate emotions that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, to express themselves fully, to provide joy to not only themselves but to the audience they’re performing for, and the list goes on.  Every member of SP has a different reason for the dedication they show every week, but one thing that was stagnant throughout the whole conversation is that you could feel how connected we were while we were talking about the music.  As Abby said, it’s hard to think of a situation that connects people more than when you’re able to create art with them.

As the only group competing in this weekend’s Midwest Quarterfinal that isn’t from a big university, we’re doing this for everyone who doesn’t have the ability to compete.  We’re doing this for Mark, Sean, and Eve, the three founding members of Sonata Problem who never dreamed that in five short years their group would be on their way to a national competition.  We’re doing this for everyone who has been so supportive of our crazy endeavors thus far, especially this year.  For everyone who has ever believed in us, for the 923 “likes” we have on Facebook, for those who follow our Instagram and Twitter, and for those who read our website.  We’re doing this for YOU!

We’re also doing this for us, a group of fifteen students who, at the beginning of this year, just wanted the chance to make music extracurricularly.  We have such a diverse group of people that make up Sonata Problem, and we feel so blessed that we get to showcase our diversity while doing something that makes us one.


That being said, please come out to Wentz Concert Hall tonight at 10:45 PM to help send us off to our first competition!  We will be performing our ICCA set and would love to sing for everyone who has supported us thus far – let us perform for you!  For a sneak preview of what you will see tonight, click this link to see a short video of the song we’re closing with.

We are SO EXCITED for tonight and can’t thank you all enough for the love and support we are blessed to receive time and time again.

Much love,

Sonata Problem

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